Every year, Starbucks expands steadily. It’s an instance of an excellent company that is moving in the ideal direction.

In this write-up, we have gathered one of the most intriguing realities and also information that will certainly help you better evaluate as well as comprehend Starbucks.

Starbucks Statistics

1. In 2019, 64% of Americans aged 18 as well as over consumed alcohol coffee each day. (NCA)

2. The complete possession value of Starbucks was USD 22 billion in 2019. (Statista)

3. Since 2018, Starbucks was operating in 76 countries. (Seattle Business Magazine)

4. Starbucks sales have actually dropped 40% because of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Nation’s Restaurant News)

5. Number of Starbucks cafe by year (Finances Online):


6. Starbucks has 8,791 company-operated as well as 6,250 qualified stores in the United States in 2019.(Statista)

7. Number of Starbucks coffeehouse per capita by nation (The Telegraph):

Number of Starbucks coffee shops per capita (per 1-M inhabitants)

8. Variety of coffee bar by area (Starbucks): In Canada, there are 1,109 company-operated Starbucks coffee stores as well as 409 licensed coffee shops.In China,

  • there are 3,521 coffee shops.There are 1,286 stores in Japan.There are 352 Starbucks shops in Thailand.In the UK, there are 335 company-operated cafe and 653 accredited stores.In the Asia-Pacific area, there are 8,993 Starbucks coffee shops.Europe, the Middle East, as well as Africa have an overall of 3,320 Starbucks stores. 9. United States cities with the biggest variety of Starbucks coffee bar:(Finances Online): New York– 241 Chicago– 184 Houston– 148 San Diego–

    141 Los Angeles– 137 Seattle– 133 Las Vegas– 125 Rose city– 107 Phoenix az– 103 San Francisco– 93 10. Starbucks presently has more than 3,000 stores in China and prepares to include 2,000 by 2021.(

    • CNBC )12. Starbucks is currently constructing even more shops in China than in various other area.(CNBC)12. The firm opens a new store in China every 15
    • hours.( CNBC )13
    • . In China, Starbucks has more than 5 million site visitors
    • each week, mostly
    • between 1:00 as well as 3:00 pm

    . (CNBC)14. Starbucks has 300,000 staff members throughout its coffee bar.( Starbucks )15. In America, Starbucks employs around 157,000 people.(notesmatic)16. The typical Starbucks employee’s wage is$

    11- $12/hr(MyFriendsCoffee )17. The ordinary cost of coffee at Starbucks is$1.89. (MyFriendsCoffee)18. Chicago has the largest Starbucks ever before, covering 35,000 square feet, with five floorings and also three coffee bars, a mixed drink bar, a craft pastry shop, as well as a coffee shop.(

    Finance Online )19. Starbucks Reserve has special roasts, beverages, as well as foods, and much more skilled baristas who are trained and also recognize lots regarding coffee. Starbucks Reserve was launched in December 2018 in the Chelsea area of

    Manhattan, although the front runner store was opened in Seattle in 2014. The firm intends to open 20 to 30 Roastery stores aroundthe world. (Finance Online)20. Starbucks has 87,000 distinct drink combinations.(Digital Iniative)21

    . One of the most popular Starbucks beverages by United States city (Finances Online)

    : Boston– Iced coffee Charlotte– Skinny cappucino Chicago– Blonde roast Denver– Tea cappucino Los

    Angeles– Frappuccino Memphis– White chocolate mocha Minneapolis– Latte New York– Pike Place Roast Omaha– Mocha Philadelphia– Blonde roast Phoenix– Iced caramel macchiato Portland– Eggnog latte San Antonio– Frappucino San Diego– Green Tea Frappuccino San Francisco– Soy cappucino Seattle– Extrashot of coffee Tampa fl– Iced coffee 22. Starbucks possesses 39.8 %of the US coffee market.( Statista)23. 78%of coffeehouse in the USA become part of the Starbucks chain.( World Coffee Portal)24. Starbucks does over 90 million transactions weekly.(CIO)25. In the United States, mobile orders account for 27 %of Starbucks transactions.( Digital Initiative)26. Application orders account for about 7million transactions per

    month.(Digital Initiative)27. 19%of Starbucks sales are food. (Starbucks)

    28. Starbucks earnings by year(Starbucks ): 2005:$780.518 million 2006:$893.952 million 2007:$1.053 billion 2008:$504 million 2009:$562 million 2010:

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