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Instant coffee. A drink that can be prepared very quickly. You do not need to spend a lot of time grinding, brewing, and cooking – you need to pour a couple of spoons and pour hot water over them. Voila – and the coffee is ready.

Convenient, isn’t it? I think so too. You can make a drink very quickly, and go about your business.

But I know that choosing the best instant coffee can be difficult. Just for the reason that currently there are so many very different varieties.

I helped you and collected really the best kinds of this drink. This list includes both well-known instant coffee brands and smaller manufacturers.

Well, let’s get started.

The Best Instant Coffee

Best Choice

Phil & Sebastian

Phil & Sebastian

Instant coffee can be delicious too. This company, using the Sudden method, made instant coffee taste the same as if you made it in a coffee maker. The best part of this coffee is its sheer convenience. It comes in a recyclable tube, which gets diluted with 10-12 oz of hot water. You stir well and that’s it!

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Therefore, it’s hard to choose only the best instant coffee from the market. Everyone has different reasons for buying good instant coffee. To help make your choice easier, we have organized the best instant coffee brands by value for money. Here are the MyFriendsCoffee’s top 10 best instant coffee 2020:

1. Starbucks VIA Best Instant Coffee

Are you ready for the best instant coffee review? Starbucks is here again.

I think you don’t need to say that Starbucks is one of the leaders in the best instant coffee industry. And this is not surprising – each grain is carefully selected before packaging. Before releasing the finished product, the manufacturer brings it to the ideal. As a result, you get the most balanced, tasty, aromatic and healthy coffee that you can have in a cup.

Beans for the future of the drink – this is 100% Arabica. Robusta, which is known for its bitterness, is hardly added to the company’s products. Therefore, the taste of these best coffee beans has a sweet hue. You will really like it. If we take into account the fact that the product passes the quality examination, does not contain gluten and other impurities, and is also selected from various countries, then the output is a completely unique formula that gives an indescribable feeling.

Hazelnut and chocolate notes add extra points to this drink. You can take it with you on a trip through the mountains, as it can be called the best instant coffee for backpacking. Add the fact that the preparation of your cup will take no more than 15 seconds – you get the most top-grade instant coffee on the market. Therefore, this product ranks first on our list.

2. Waka Instant Coffee Best Overall Instant Coffee

How to preserve the taste and aroma of coffee? Waka knows exactly how to do this right! 

Thanks to freeze-dried technology, the best instant coffee infuses its original taste with citrus notes. It has a rich balanced taste, but without acidic tones compare to some types of instant coffee. All beans are 100% arabica.

Are you environmentally conscious? Then this product is for you. The packaging is made of foil-lined kraft paper. But that is not all…it uses a resealable zipper that keeps products fresh for as long as possible. You can take this instant coffee with you on a camping trip or brew it at work.

Further, the advantages include the fact that Waka coffee beans quickly dissolve in a mug without a trace and you can brew it in both hot and cold water. When brewed properly, you have enough for 80 cups of coffee. This is very economical when you consider the price of the coffee. 

Another reason you should choose Waka is that 4% of its profits go to financing clean water initiatives in 26 countries under the Add Water, Give Water program. If you still don’t believe in the quality of this best instant coffee, you can read reviews by leading brands such as Business Insider, The Daily Beast, Forbes, and others. Each of them has welcomed the taste of this coffee and now you can too!

3. Mount Hagen Best Organic Instant Coffee

Organic decaffeinated coffee that is ideal for vegetarians. Or maybe you just want the most natural product? Then you fit Mount Hagen instant coffee.

Beans are selected the only premium, they are selected by size and quality. Organic processing methods allow you to achieve a delicate and pleasant taste with the preservation of natural supplements that are beneficial to health. This product is ideal for those who are looking for the most natural coffee, while not wanting to feel bitterness in the mouth – the product is made only from Arabica beans.

Soft roasting, as well as the use of carbon dioxide, give a very delicious coffee that will be useful to students, pregnant women and people leading a healthy lifestyle.

4. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Best Unique Instant Coffee

There are truly unusual solutions for the best instant coffee market. One of them has long been the highest position in the global market. This is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee.

Let’s see why this coffee, which was coined in Finland, is one of the most interesting products.

First, in addition to beans and various additives, sigmatic mushroom coffee contains 2 powerful supplements for the body at once: Rhodiola root for stress resistance; as well as chaga mushroom, which supports the human immune system at the highest level. This drink will not only deliver taste pleasure but also significantly enhance your health.

Secondly, the caffeine in this product has a very balanced content. This substance is not too much so that your nerves do not experience overload; but not too little for the invigorating effect to last for long. The technology for obtaining caffeine in this cup of instant coffee is built in such a way that it does not lose its original qualities.

Third, the addition of mushrooms and other unusual ingredients makes this product unlike many other varieties on the market. The taste is really special.

All of these factors make this best instant coffee just perfect for many people. I can recommend it to anyone who carefully monitors their health.

5. Starbucks Breakfast Blend Best Tasting Instant Coffee

Starbucks is known for producing a wide variety of varieties for a wide range of consumers. They even have the best coffee designed specifically for breakfast. It is with this type of product that I will introduce you.

Citrus notes in the drink, combined with high-quality caffeine will help you wake up all day. At the same time, this coffee is instant, and you will spend a minimum of time on its preparation. It is enough to pour the powder into the cup, pour hot water, and just enjoy it.

Long-term experiments with various taste profiles have allowed achieving a really cool composition. Gorgeous, rich aroma combined with light nutty shades. The grains harvested from Sumatra have a special coffee flavor that you will not confuse with anything else. You will immediately realize that this is a gourmet instant coffee – it is no coincidence that it is so popular all over the world.

I think that for those who drink coffee in the morning, this best instant coffee will suit just the perfect way.

6. Nescafe Best Instant Coffee For Morning

I think that each of you at least once in your life heard about Nescafe? I would not be surprised because the company makes really good stuff. And that’s why.

The special technology of roasting, which is stored in a strict secret, allows you to process the grain in a very soft way. At the same time, this product has very good taste properties, which can usually be obtained only with intensive cooking methods.

This best instant coffee is produced in a glass jar, which is several times better preserves not only its aroma but also useful substances. Therefore, the drink turns out the highest quality, while inexpensive. This feature makes the product incredibly popular. Add the fact that it uses 100% Arabica. Not by chance, these coffee cans are used by every third American.

In fact, everything has been said for us. I can only advise you this instant coffee as a really good product for a morning cup of instant coffee.

7. Mount Hagen Best Budget Instant Coffee

If you are looking for something budget, and do not want to spend big money on the best instant coffee, I advise you to draw your attention to the best brand of instant coffee, which is called Mount Hagen. It is not much different in taste from the famous and large manufacturers – but it costs 3 times cheaper. You will not have to overpay for the brand, while the coffee is quite tasty and strong.

This type of drink is made in such a way that you can successfully dissolve it even in cold water. Special cooking technology gives you great advantages over other varieties. You can also successfully mix the product even with cold milk – everything will be very good in your mouth. This is the best freeze dried instant coffee you have tried because the acidity of the drink is very balanced, and the taste has a hint of chocolate.

For those who save their money, as well as not for the most demanding customers, this coffee will be a good option for all occasions.

8. Maxim Mocha Gold Mild Best Mixed Instant Coffee

This best instant coffee is different from other types of fact that the bags have an interesting function of sugar dosage. You just need to keep your finger on the bottom when pouring the powder into the water, while the pressing force will regulate the sweetness of the finished drink. I think that Koreans made a really interesting decision for those who don’t like to keep a lot of ingredients in the kitchen. You can easily regulate the supply of sugar, which is already in the package.

This is an extremely convenient thing.

The best instant coffee has a very bright milky coffee flavor. You also do not need to pour milk into the cup! The complete victory of the manufacturer. The really cool solution, this coffee bag will be ideal for those who do not like to think about excess. Just opened, poured, and sweet coffee with milk all day is ready! I think this is a great product.

9. G7 Instant Best Premium Instant Coffee

Do you need a versatile coffee for traveling, home or work? Then the G7 Vietnamese brand will suit you.

It should be noted that there are 3 things in one bag at once. This is the best instant coffee with creamer and sugar. I think that everyone wants to pour not a simple espresso into the cup, but already a ready and unrealistically tasty product. Add to this the fact that it is not just a drink from the best coffee makers, but an instant look that will be ready in 10 seconds. Still, the main advantage of this product is versatility. No more thinking about the fact that instant premium Vietnamese should be mixed with other ingredients – the manufacturer has already done everything for you. It remains only to enjoy the cool engineering thought.

This best instant coffee contains ground coffee beans from Vietnam at the base – the special climate of this country adds extra points to the final taste. Grains are carefully selected before they get to the store shelves. Therefore, I can safely recommend this drink to anyone who wants to benefit from a cup of coffee.

10. Double Joy Best Technological Instant Coffee

This best instant coffee can be called the most interesting technological solution. In the manufacturing process, the grain is sprayed to the smallest state. However, it adds ground coffee beans to a larger size. As a result, the taste is not fully revealed, but only after 10 minutes of drinking. Therefore, this coffee can be drunk both quickly and slowly – while in both cases its taste will be completely different.

Add to the above and the fact that all grains are grown in the Andean mountains, where the soil not only has special properties, but also gives the product a unique earthy tint. It is sweet, but at the same time strong. This is a perfect balance, developed by a team of professionals.

I recommend this best instant coffee to those who appreciate the great aftertaste, use the drink for real pleasure, but at the same time appreciate the speed of preparation.

11. Caffe D’Vita Mocha Cappuccino Best Healthy Instant Coffee

For those who value their health, prefer not to use caffeine, and also loves a low-fat drink, the best option would be Caffe D’Vita Mocha.

The best instant coffee recipe is designed to give maximum enjoyment to those who have health problems. The strengths of this coffee: the almost complete absence of caffeine, lactose, gluten, and some harmful substances. The cost of the drink is below average, among other soluble options.

I believe that this solution is most suitable for those who monitor the level of incoming substances in the body. It can be both bodybuilders and pregnant women.

With all this, the taste of this best instant coffee is simply amazing. Of course, I should not talk about the fact that this drink is not suitable for everyone. I am fully confident that for my audience this is the best solution on the market.

12. Laird Superfood Instafuel Best Natural Instant Coffee

I can say that this best instant coffee is the most natural of the entire list. Moreover, it contains the largest amount of nutrients.

Let’s get acquainted with the composition. Organic coconut sugar, powdered coconut milk, 100% arabica coffee, seaweed calcium, organic coconut oil. I think it is not worth listing further?

But that is not all.

Laird Superfood cream, which serves as the only and main additive to the product, is made from all-natural food ingredients with the highest quality on the market. For vegetarians, and just people who love all the most natural, this option will be the most successful. It is worth noting the fact that this product is almost no caffeine.

The taste of this best instant coffee is sweet, with a hint of milk. Plus it dissolves well in water. You get a natural drink, and for little money. For healthy people is the best choice.

What is Instant Coffee?

Instant Coffee

The best instant coffee known to all of us is a powder mass or granules, obtained from a fairly rich extract of natural coffee in various ways. Soluble drink was invented more than a hundred years ago, but now it is competing with coffee beans, primarily due to its convenience and speed of preparation.

As a rule, after one time boiling water treatment, the composition of the coffee mass loses some of its flavors. To maintain the taste qualities, either natural coffee oils or synthetic components are added to the composition. Today, the so-called “organic” coffee, which does not contain any synthetic additives, is quite famous. But its price, respectively, is quite high.

After you know what instant coffee is, let’s see how it is made.

Can instant coffee taste good?

It all depends on what you compare it with. Coffee snobs will say that instant coffee, by definition, cannot be good. Of course, a drink prepared in half a minute by dissolving coffee powder in hot water is unlikely to compete with a drink brewed from freshly ground beans.

However, you can find truly worthy options. Today, there are many brands that produce very high quality and expensive instant coffee. These coffees retain the beneficial properties of natural beans, and the taste of this drink is similar to regular coffee.

How is instant coffee different from regular coffee?

Instant coffee and regular ground coffee differ in production method, taste, aroma, nutrient content, and caffeine content. The main advantages of instant coffee in relation to ground coffee are the speed of preparation and a much longer shelf life.

Instant Coffee technology

First, you need to tell how best instant coffee brands make their products.

The general sequence of actions:

  1. Growing and harvesting certain types of grains.
  2. The process of cooking grains for roasting.
  3. Roasting and removal of the excess pulp.
  4. The process of making instant coffee from the obtained grains.

Let’s take a closer look at all the nuances.

Country of Origin

There are quite a lot of countries where coffee is grown for instant coffee. However, not all of them are used by most global manufacturers to export their products.

In the countries of South America at the moment make half of the entire world coffee market. Brazilian Arabica coffee is the most popular and cheap, so countries are focused on the production of this particular type of beans. Arabica is the basis for an instant drink, so pay attention to this country.

If we consider Asia, then Indonesia and Vietnam now account for about 23% of the world market. Robusta, which is much cheaper than Arabica, and therefore more popular among exporters, make up the majority of the cultivated coffee beans in these places.

African countries do not occupy a leading position in the export of grains for instant coffee, although in fact, Africa is the birthplace of this drink. All because of the poverty of the continent. Here you can select only one country – Cote d’Ivoire. If we talk about varieties that are grown in Africa, we can note a huge percentage of Arabica. Robusta on this continent is almost not made.

Making the right choice is difficult if there is no knowledge of the quality of the raw materials brought from different points of the world. Therefore, carefully read the reviews on Amazon to buy only the best.

If everything is clear with the countries, what sort of coffee should be grown for the future? About this below.

Type of beans

Type of beans of Instant Coffee


I must say that Arabica beans are responsible for the taste and aroma. And these factors are considered the most important in this drink. Since this type of grain is more difficult to grow than others, the cost of 100% Arabica will be higher. But you have to understand that only Arabica can give you the best taste and aroma that is on the market of instant coffee. Therefore, if this indicator is most important to you, then focus on Arabica.


With Arabica coffee, everything is clear, what to do with Robust? It’s all very simple. In this type of grains, the taste content is less, but Robusta includes much more caffeine – about 2 times more than arabica. Another feature that distinguishes this particular type of grain is the taste of bitterness and earthiness. However, in most coffee formulas this will be an interesting addition, it will give the drink a unique taste. If the invigorating effect is important to you, pay attention to the content of Robusta in the finished product.

If we look at the market, then the classical share of coffee varieties is 20% Robusta and 80% Arabica. This is the most successful formula. However, you should understand that the more robust, the greater the savings on coffee (it is much cheaper than arabica). Pay attention to this fact.

After receiving the grains from the plantations, they must be processed. But how? Let’s look at the basic methods.

Grain processing methods

Instant Coffee Grain processing methods

There are three methods:

-Dry method (Natural)
-Semi-dry method (Pulped Natural)
-Wet method (Washed or wet processing)

It is dry (Natural) and semi-dry (Pulped Natural).

Dive deeper.

Dry processing (Natural)

Coffee is dried without purification of various impurities. Which is redundant, is removed. 2-3 weeks after it has been absorbed by the skin. Bright aroma, increased sweetness, rich flavor distinguish coffee with such processing. If we talk about the countries where this method of making coffee is used, then Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Yemen can be distinguished.

Semi-dry treatment (Pulped Natural)

Before drying, the flesh is left, but the skin is removed from the berries. Coffee that is processed in this way has a mild aroma, balanced and good taste, as well as muted acidity. A larger amount of the final cream is another factor that distinguishes this treatment from others. The countries in which grain is processed in this way are Brazil.

Wet processing (Washed or wet processing)

Before final drying, the flesh is removed as well as the skin. High acidity, bright fruit / floral aromas and tastes – this is what characterizes wet processing. I want to say that coffee, processed in this way, almost never used in its pure form. Such a method is needed in order to obtain grains, which will then be added to expensive mixtures, so that the muffled taste of the grain intensifies. Since dark roast destroys the aroma of the grain, the mixture obtained by wet processing is usually lighter than the rest.

Now our beans are ready for roasting and packing.

Before you look at the recipes and other subtleties, let’s take a look at how the manufacturer makes the finished product.

Types of Instant Coffee

Instant coffee is of the following types:

  • Spray Drying Instant Coffee. This is a fairly common type of instant coffee. It is made by the method of drying-spraying. Roasted, chopped kernels are carefully treated under running hot water. Next, the infusion is filtered by spraying the extract in special chambers. This coffee is widely used in cooking as an additive to the dough or cream.
  • Granulated coffee. Make this type of coffee in the same way as the previous one. Only in the granulated type of coffee add coffee oil.
  • Freeze Drying Instant Coffee. This is a rather expensive kind of coffee. The basis is the process of drying the frozen product. This production method allows you to get the product that is closest to natural.
  • Liquid coffee. Tchibo is the inventor of this type of instant coffees, which was introduced in 2008. In simple terms, it is a liquid, volatile coffee mass, which consists of 100% coffee extract – it contains no preservatives, as well as other additives. The product after production is instantly frozen so that all components and taste properties are fully preserved. This type of drink will soon begin to increase its position in the market, so we advise you to pay attention to it.

After this stage, the coffee is packaged and sent to the market.

How to make Instant Coffee?

How to make Instant Coffee?

So you got a pack of instant drinks. Instant coffee does not need to be brewed in a french press or in a drip coffee maker.

So, how to make the perfect coffee?

Here, in fact, everything is simple. You need to pour a spoonful of coffee with hot water and wait about 20 seconds. The drink will be ready. However, there is one subtlety. If you pour dry coffee with hot water, it will lose a significant part of its original taste. Therefore, there is a way out. First, you need to pour some cold water, and then pour a spoonful of coffee there. Stir the resulting mass so that no precipitate is left. And after that, you have to pour hot water. This way you can keep the maximum flavor and taste.

I suggest you consider all this in more detail.

How to brew coffee better?

To be honest, there are so many ways to make coffee in the world right now that you might be surprised. But let’s look at some of them in more detail.

1) Classic way

This recipe is the easiest to prepare.

  • Pour 1-2 teaspoons of powder into a cup.
  • Fill it with hot water. The optimum temperature for brewing ranges from 85-95 ° C. (How to achieve the desired temperature? You can boil water and let it cool for 3-4 minutes, or you can reheat the water that has already been boiled and turn off the kettle).
  • Let the drink stand for 2-3 minutes.
  • If desired, sprinkle some cinnamon on top of the drink.

2) Cooking with milk and cinnamon

Brewing technology is almost the same as in the previous recipe.

You will need 1-2 tsp. soluble product; sugar to taste; 30-50 ml of milk (preferably with a fat content above 3%); a pinch of cinnamon if desired; 150-170 ml of water.

  • Pour the soluble product and sugar in a cup.
  • Fill it with three-quarters of hot water.
  • Leave the product to infuse for 2-3 minutes. In the meantime, heat the milk a little. In the form of heat, it has a special softness and aroma, which only improves the taste characteristics of instant coffee. You can pre-beat the milk in a convenient way for you.
  • Pour the milk into the cup of coffee and mix.
  • Add cinnamon on top.

Milk can be replaced with cream. For lovers of unusual flavor combinations, you can use coconut, so the taste will be even more delicate.

3) Cooking with ice

The properties of a soluble product are significantly inferior in usefulness and taste to natural ones. But, nevertheless, and from it, you can make one of the famous recipes for cold coffee.

You will need 5 ch.l. soluble powder; 5 tsp. Sahara; a pinch of vanillin; 250 ml of water; 250 ml of milk.

  • Pour hot water over coffee powder and sugar, mix. Let cool.
  • Add a pinch of vanilla.
  • Pour the drink into the ice mold.
  • Freeze.
  • In cold milk, add coffee ice, and put everything in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to ice slightly melted and the ingredients mixed.

The second method is more simple.

  • Brew coffee in a strong concentration.
  • In an empty glass jar, put a few ice cubes and gently, slowly, pour the prepared coffee on them.

So that the taste of the drink does not spoil with water from the melted ice, you should drink it right away, best of all through a straw. This version of drink is very refreshing in the summer.

Coffee has not only taste benefits but is also good for health. Below I wrote about it.

The Health Benefits of Instant Coffee

By all parameters and properties, caffeine is a rather complex substance that can affect the general condition of a person in the most negative way. It leads to the activity of the nervous system, gives vitality, but, despite this, is able to provoke the occurrence of arterial hypertension.

Even this delicious drink can improve mood due to the serotonin contained in its composition. This substance is also called “the hormone of happiness.”

Type of roast

Instant Coffee Type of roast

It should be noted that roasting grains is the most important process in the preparation of a drink. This is because, with proper roasting, it is possible to keep the aroma and taste of your coffee as natural as possible.

The size of the product initially increases due to the fact that excess moisture is evaporated during the heating process. After that, the beans turn brown. This color is due to the fact that a substance called “caramelin” is released from the grain. Also in the process of roasting, another substance, Caffe, is released. It gives the coffee a specific flavor. Because of the high temperatures, the grain structure changes, and the essential oils come to the surface. The finished product will always have its own special taste.

Consider the types of roasting in more detail.

To approve a single level by which it will be possible to measure the degree of preparation of each bean is unrealistic. Different grains can be taken, and the method of roasting will remain one – the taste will be different.

You also do not get the same taste if you fry a single product using different methods. In addition, each has its own taste preferences, and it will be very difficult to come to a common opinion. Just because everyone perceives the world differently.

There are various degrees of coffee roasting, which we will now review.

We turn to the classification.

Light roast instant coffee

Coffee with this roasting goes well with milk, and its taste has a sour shade. The finished beans are light brown. This roasting technology allows you to fully enjoy the multifaceted taste and delicate aroma. This roast is suitable for soft raw materials.

Examples of lightly roasted beans: New England, Urban, American and Scandinavian.

Medium roast instant coffee

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular and traditional type of roasting. The output is a dark grain, the surface of which is oily, but dry. Sweet and sour taste and aroma are typical for this type of roasting. And the taste is more saturated than in the previous type.

Examples of coffee with medium roast: Viennese, full city roast, classic roast instant coffee.

Note that this type of drink is used for coffee makers.

Dark roast instant coffee

Strongly roasted coffee – dark brown grains with weak traces of oiliness. The taste is less sour than the previous versions. With this method, essential oils are actively released, which contributes to the appearance of a brighter and more saturated flavor, it is revealed in the most complete way. Brewed coffee turns dark.

Low oiliness and dark brown beans are what characterizes this type of roasting. Here you should pay attention to the fact that the taste of coffee is less sour than usual. I also note that the aroma will be brighter and more saturated than in the previous two types – grains emit more essential oils more actively. If we talk about the color of coffee, it will be dark.

Example of coffee with strong roasting: French.

Highest roast

For most European coffee styles, the highest degree of roasting is suitable. The color of the grains is dark brown, almost black. The grains are oily, and the taste shade is “singed” and bitter. This coffee is popular in its pure form, it also goes well with cream.

Examples of coffee with the highest degree of roasting: Spanish, dark French, Italian roast.

Decaf or Non-Decaf

Questions that may arise immediately: why get such a coffee, what does it look like, for whom such coffee is suitable, and is there any difference compared to ordinary coffee? Let’s get a look.

Decaf coffee, in other words, a decaffeinated drink, is ordinary coffee, which takes on an additional treatment process to remove caffeine. However, none of the modern technologies that are used today, will give you to get rid of caffeine by 100%. All the same, often the caffeine substance will remain. If you want to preserve the coffee taste, then you should not be afraid of anything at all. The minimum caffeine concentration can usually be 0.1% (in most European countries it is the standard). The amount of caffeine in a normal serving of a drink will not be 100 milligrams, but only 4. In this case, coffee can be called “decaf.”

Is such a drink interesting to most? I think not. Who can he approach?

  1. Those people who, because of diets or for health reasons, cannot use a regular coffee drink.
  2. Those who fall asleep after the usual coffee, but like to drink a cup of drink at night.


Let’s talk about this factor. Although they say that acidity is bad, it is a normal characteristic of taste. The factors affecting it are the method of processing, the degree of roasting, and the height of the plantation above sea level.

Try to start a few times to try the drink, finding new and new shades of taste and aroma. If the acidity of the product is small, then it is ideal. However, do not be afraid if everything is different. If you constantly try coffee several times, you can improve the taste understanding of the drink. And this is a very important moment.

The main thing – instant coffees should be without bright bitterness, that is, just sweet enough.

Organic or Non-Organic

Trees for organic coffee differ from others in that they are grown without the addition of chemical additives. Also, the areas for trees themselves are not treated with pesticides. As a result, you get in your packets of grain, which were grown and produced in the most natural way, without the intervention of synthetic chemistry.

Now the majority of companies care, above all, about the health of their customers. Therefore, it should be understood that in modern society at the moment there is a trend according to which every gourmet wants to have a cup with a healthy product on the table. You simply develop a habit of caffeine, which does not harm the body. Also in favor of a healthy product, you can add the fact that good organic beans have a more pronounced invigorating effect. And I think that’s cool.

If it is simpler to say, then you will need one spoon of such coffee for three days, while one spoon of inorganic beans would be enough for a day.

But here it is necessary to note that there is a restriction: you can drink no more than 2 cups a day.


What is an instant coffee?

The instant coffee known to all of us is a powder mass or granules, obtained from a fairly rich extract of natural coffee in various ways. Soluble drink was invented more than a hundred years ago, but now it is competing with coffee beans, primarily due to its convenience and speed of preparation.

How is best instant coffee different from regular coffee?

Instant coffee and regular ground coffee differ in production method, taste, aroma, nutrient content, and caffeine content. The main advantages of instant coffee in relation to ground coffee are the speed of preparation and a much longer shelf life.

Is instant coffee bad for you?

Nutritionists recommend reducing the use of such coffee to a minimum since instant coffee can cause overproduction of acid in your stomach.

How to make best instant coffee?

You need to pour a spoonful of instant coffee with hot water and wait about 20 seconds. The coffee will be ready. However, there is one subtlety. If you pour dry coffee with hot water, it will lose a significant part of its original taste. Therefore, there is a way out. First, you need to pour some cold water, and then pour a spoonful of coffee there. Stir the resulting mass so that no precipitate is left. And after that, you have to pour hot water. This way you can keep the maximum flavor and taste.

Can instant coffee taste good?

It all depends on what you compare it with. Coffee snobs will say that instant coffee, by definition, cannot be good. However, you can find truly worthy options. Today, there are many brands that produce very high quality and expensive instant coffee. These coffees retain the beneficial properties of natural beans, and the taste of this drink is similar to regular coffee.

Caffeine level

Simply put, this criterion is the total amount of caffeine that is contained in the grains. Robusta has a higher level of caffeine, but in practice this value is almost the same for everyone.

Instant coffees contain 31-48 mg of caffeine per 100 ml of drink.

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