In this article, our group accumulated the most thorough US coffee statistics for 2020.

First, we analyzed information on coffee usage by Americans, such as the amount of coffee eaten, the factors for its usage, and the expense of intake.

We took into consideration economic factors such as the earnings of the market, coffee shops, and also coffee manufacturers in the United States.

Based on the data we accumulated, we have compiled our most detailed coffee stats to date as well as prepare to provide you a look.

These stats just apply to the United States. If you desire details about the global coffee sector, we extremely recommend you take a look at our worldwide study.

US Coffee Statistics

1. In 2019, 64% of Americans aged 18 as well as over consumed alcohol coffee every day. (NCA)

2. Americans rate 25th for coffee consumption per head, with an ordinary consumption of 4.2 kg each each year. (World Atlas)

3. The USA rates 11th among the countries with the highest high levels of caffeine usage, with a rate of 200 mg per person per day. (Caffeine Informer)

4. The average U.S. coffee enthusiast eats 2.7 mugs each day, with the ordinary dimension of a coffee cup determining 9 ounces. (The Motley Fool)

5. More than 150 million Americans consume alcohol concerning 400 million cups of coffee daily or more than 140 billion mugs per year. (The Motley Fool)

6. Coffee consumption in the U.S. in countless 60-kg bags (Statista):


7. Coffee consumption by age (Statista):


8. Coffee intake amongst Americans by gender(Hamilton Beach): 9. Reasons Americans consume alcohol coffee(Statista): 10. What time of day do Americans like to consume coffee?(Beverages Town): In the early morning– 65 %In the evening– 30%Other– 5%11. 9 out of 10 older Americans drink coffee at morning meal. 7 out of 10 young Americans consume coffee at supper– twice as lots of as in the older generation

  • .( National Coffee Association)12. In the National Coffee Association’s 2018 record, 79 % of Americans surveyed had enjoyed a cup of coffee at residence the day in the past, while 36%had delighted in a cup of coffee outside the house the day prior to (Reuters). This means that 15%of respondents had intoxicated a coffee both in your home and also outside the house the day before the survey and that 64 %of participants drank coffee specifically in the house. 13. Virtually 50%of Americans who purchase coffee outside the house do so at a drive-through.(National Coffee Association)14.60%of American coffee drinkers visited a well-known coffee shop chain a minimum of once a month in 2018.( Beverage Daily)15. The most prominent approaches of making coffee in the USA (Statista): 16. Using drip coffee machine has actually lowered

    by24 % over the past 5 years, while the use of single-cup brewers has actually enhanced by 50%because 2015.(National Coffee Association)17. One of the most looked coffee beverages in the USA(WorkWise): Caramel Macchiato Flat White Cappuccino Cold Brew Latte Macchiato 18. Usage of espresso-based beverages remains to expand. Below are one of the most popular espresso-based coffee beverages(as a percentage of people that ate them last year).(National Coffee Association): Cappuccino(33%)Latte(33%)Cold brew(28%)Espresso(26%)Mocha(23%)

    Macchiato(18 %)Americano(18%) Flat white( 8%)19. 4%of Americans include alternative dairy items to their coffee, while 40%of Americans add milk or sweeteners to their coffee.(National Coffee

    Association) 20. The number of people adding only milk to coffee has expanded by 66 %because 2015.( National Coffee Association)21. Intake of gourmet/premium coffee enhanced by 25%in between 2015 as well as 2019.(National Coffee Association)22. 53%people coffee enthusiasts favor to get coffee that is environmentally

    friendly or that supports farmers, while 47 %of Americans do not take notice of these issues.(National Coffee Association)23. Coffee intake by line of work(

    1. Early Bird): 24. The typical American office worker beverages concerning 20 cups of coffee per week, which equates to 1040 cups per year. Over an entire profession(from age 18 to age 60), a regular employee will consume regarding 47,840 cups of coffee

      . (Hamilton Beach )25. Millennial coffee preferences( National Coffee Association Blog ): 70% of the coffee eaten by millennials is in the type of premium drinks.32%of millennials eat an espresso-based drink on a daily basis, which is greater than among any other demographic.14% of millennials consume alcohol a non-espresso-based beverage every day.About 65 %of millennials recognize single-cup makers, which is considerably less than amongst older age. 26. People used in coffee manufacturing in the USA(IBISWorld): 27. In 2020, there are about 27,098 coffee production workers in the United States.(IbisWorld)28. Ordinary yearly spending at coffee shops by profession, per year(Early Bird): 29. Americans that consume coffee at home will certainly conserve around $427 each year compared to those that acquire coffee from cafe.(Lazy Man

      as well as Money)30. Price of coffee in the house vs at cafe(Lazy Man and also Money):

      31. Income in the US coffee market(Statista): 32. Coffee imports to the USA(Statista): 33. There are 37,274 well-known coffee bar and also coffee-oriented restaurants in the US.(World coffee site)34. Most popular coffee shops in


      the USA(World Coffee Portal): Starbucks– 40 %Dunkin’ Donuts– 26%Caribou Coffee -13%Other– 21%35. Number of coffee shops in the USA per chain:(World Coffee Portal)Starbucks– 14,875 stores Dunkin’ Donuts– 9,570 stores Caribou Coffee– 4,700 stores 36. Ordinary price of coffee in one of the most popular coffee chains in the USA:(MyFriendsCoffee)Starbucks–$1.89 Dunkin’ Donuts–$1.59 Caribou Coffee–$1.69 37. 78 %of cafe in the USA belong to the Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or Caribou Coffee chains.(World coffee site)38. Number of baristas per state(MyFriendsCoffee): 39. The typical hourly pay for baristas has to do with$11-12/ human resources.

      (MyFriendsCoffee) 40. The ordinary price of a cup of coffee in the USA throughout all restaurant categories(fast and also full-service)is$2.99, contrasted to Starbucks where customers


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