Layering coffee drinks takes more time as well as precision than making a typical espresso-based drink. Regardless of this, their unique discussion– as the drinks are usually served in a glass, making the layers noticeable– usually makes them prominent amongst consumers.

Nevertheless, while the majority of split drinks are carefully-prepared variations of preexisting beverages, some can just be made by layering the component components. The caffé marocchino is one such example.

The marocchino is an Italian beverage made by layering cacao powder, espresso, and milk in a little glass. Its flavour is evocative other beverages that utilize similar active ingredients, such as the mocha.

Continue reading to find out more regarding the beginnings of the marocchino, exactly how it’s made, and also where its name comes from.

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Where Does The Caffè Marocchino Come From? While the caffè marocchino was invented in the mid-20th century, Italians have actually taken pleasure in coffee drinks made with the very same components for centuries. In the 18th century, the bavareisa Arised: a drink made with thick, concentrated coffee, delicious chocolate, and also milk cream, traditionally offered in a large round glass. In Turin in the 19th century, a comparable beverage called bicerin begun to show up, instead made with espresso, drinking, and also milk chocolate. The caffè marocchino, however, was designed a long time later, after the Second World War. Designed on bicerin, the beginning of the marocchino can be mapped back to the Bar Carpano in Alessandria, Piedmont, some 90 kilometres southeast of Turin, the area’s resources.

Bar Carpano lay near a factory run by Italian designer headwear brand name Borsalino. Still a widely known brand today, at the time, Borsalino’s personalized fedoras were a few of the most in-demand hats on the planet.


They were popularised

by Hollywood celebrities of the 1940s and 1950s such as Humphrey Bogart, who eternalized Borsalino fedoras when he used one in the 1942 film Casablanca. The word”marocchino”is Italian for” Moroccan “, which recommendations where Borsalino sourced its natural leather. Each hat had a brownish leather strip inside it called a marocchino strip.

As Borsalino employees and buyers often visited bench Carpano, baristas there developed the marocchino as well as called it for the leather strip in the hat, the colour of which closely appeared like the layer of chocolate powder in the drink.

Francesco Masciullo was 2017’s Italian Barista Champion and a runner-up in 2019. He’s also the manager as well as head barista at Ditta Artigianale, a specialty coffee shop chain based in Florence.

He tells me that the caffè marocchino can be found in cafe throughout Italy. He claims that depending on the region, it might have a different name as well as that it’s vital to discover out what that name is prior to ordering one.

“In the south of Italy, for instance, it’s [frequently] called an espressino,” he clarifies. “However, if you purchase an espressino in the north, baristas will not recognize what you’re requesting for.”

How Do You Make It? Discussion and mindful preparation are what set the marocchino aside from other beverages made with chocolate as well as coffee. Dimension is essential, as the recipe needs a 60ml shot glass, similar to what’s used to develop an espresso in vetro, or coffee in a glass, according to Francesco.

He informs me that the conventional caffè marocchino starts with a single coffee shot as a base. This should then be topped with a layer of cocoa powder, adhered to by frozen milk or lotion, and then one more cleaning of cocoa powder.

The marocchino will typically be consumed without sugarcoated, yet this might depend on the type and also flavour of the chocolate powder that is utilized.

Francesco says that the quantity of cacao powder and also consistency of the milk or cream depends on the barista, provided the result is proportionally balanced. Some dishes likewise require making use of a shorter ristretto shot for an extra intense coffee flavour.

The final layer of cocoa powder might likewise be switched out for hazelnut lotion, thawed delicious chocolate, chocolate cream, or also Nutella. It can also be spread out around the edge of the glass instead of being layered on the top.

While their active ingredients may be similar, it’s important to keep in mind that the marocchino as well as the mocha are fundamentally different drinks. The mocha was developed and popularised time after the marocchino, and also is a lot larger in dimension.

The mocha generally includes two coffee shots, and also makes use of delicious chocolate syrup, alcohol consumption chocolate or chocolate shavings (instead of cocoa powder or a hazelnut/chocolate lotion). It likewise usually uses steamed milk rather than frozen milk or lotion.

Several points established the marocchino in addition to various other beverages made by combining coffee and chocolate. Its little volume and also using two layers of chocolate powder offer it a thick as well as distinct flavour that combines with the strength of coffee to make it unlike mochas or other comparable drinks.

The marocchino’s rich, intense, and pleasant flavour is likely to be preferred amongst those that such as thick, creamy, as well as chocolatey flavours. For these customers, the marocchino might be a wonderful brand-new means to adhere to old tastes while experimenting with different coffees for coffee. Following time you’re in a cafe, why not see if they can use one?

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Photo credit reports: Ignacio Palomo Duarte, Benjamin Thompson, Eric Golub, Guilhem Vellut, Oyvind Solstad, Francesco Masciullo

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